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Hastings Historical Society 2014 Annual Report

Below is the HHS 2014 annual report. It provides a synopsis of our activities and meetings throughout the year. I might note that the February meeting is missing since it was canceled due to us losing our old meeting place on Victoria Street.

Our meetings and activities for the past year. Thanks to Patricia Geer for compiling it.:


Hastings Historical Society, 7905

Annual Report for 2014

January, 2014 Dan Osborne, retired professor, spoke about an amazing medical discovery on Mackinac Island.   A story from 1822 about a doctor’s study of stomach acids from a gunshot wound to the stomach of his subject.

March, 2014 Jess Posgate from OurDigitalWorld.org spoke about this program for digitalizing artifacts and documents for historical societies, libraries, museums etc.

April, 2014 Colin Caldwell, a Cobourg historian gave a talk about an Indian (Native) Battle that took place around 1665 at Cameron Point on Rice Lake where the Trent River meets the Rice Lake near the Ouze River. The period between 1660 and 1690 seems to have only an oral history and perhaps been kept from the standard Canadian History books. These battles involving some 600 canoes culminated in the 1701 peace treaty that was signed in Montreal. He has a wonderful broad understanding of history and gave a very entertaining talk. Questions followed.

May, 2014 Guest speaker George Parker brought a great knowledge of the old railroad that crossed Rice Lake over 100 years ago!  He has worked to produce a model of the original bridge at their Cobourg display building and brought a part of it to Hastings and tell us this most interesting story.

Participated in Hastings Midnight Madness and the Farmer’s Market

June, 2014 Our 2015 Calendars were made ready for sale.

July, 2014 Participated in the Canada Day Parade and Committee and the Founder Week Committee.

August, 2014 Participated in the Hastings Waterfront Festival.

September, 2014 Speaker Mr. Ed Jesseman proceeded to tell us about his youth in the 1930’s. In 1932 his father brought him and his brother to Hastings for a fishing trip.  He left the boys in Hastings for the summer.  They were 11 and 13 years old.  He showed a picture of himself and his brother in the side car of his father’s motorcycle. They had only a dollar and ate a lot of fish that first year.  They obtained various jobs for local farmers and made about fifty cents a day.  His talk was interesting about these various jobs, rock pile fence building, picking onions, finding frogs for Americans, stoking grain, and helping the lock master.  They even set traps for snapping turtles.  In 1935 he stayed with Art Beamish for $3.00 room and board, and worked for him in 1939.

September 26, 2014 we collaborated with the Friends of the Hastings Library with the presentation of Lynn Philip Hodgson, author of 3 books on Camp X, a secret World War 11 training camp for spies.  The camp was located in the Oshawa, Whitby area and was open for 1,000 days and trained 500 spies.  Over 100 people attended the presentation which was filled with wonderful pictures and fascinating stories.  Mr. Hodgson was pleased to announce that CBC will be doing a series on Camp X starting in January, 2015.

October, 2014 Held a Farewell Pot Luck dinner for Tony Tuit, former president of our HHS.  Tony has moved to Nanaimo, BC.

November, 2014 Guest speaker George Parker’s topic was The Cobourg, Peterborough & Marmora Railway & Mining Company, part 2 of a previous presentation.  George gave an enthusiastic and exciting account of how the lands around Blairton were surveyed and purchased, the mining and shipping of the Iron Or, the building of a 40 mile wagon track road from Marmora to Belleville.  The sale of the company to an American company and eventually the shipping by barge via Hastings and Harwood onto Cobourg.  After several more years the company was sold again, after iron was found in Michigan.  This was the end of the iron mining and the new owners timbered the land after that.

December, 2014 Held our Annual Christmas Pot Luck dinner. Participated in the Legion Branch 106’s Last Chance Bazaar.

Patricia Greer, Secretary, HHS February 23, 2015