Hastings Historical Society

The Hastings Historical Society is a non-profit organization with very specific aims:

a) To develop and implement methods of collecting, preserving and displaying artifacts and historical records of Hastings and the immediate surrounding areas.

b) To carry out activities that will make the citizens of this area more aware of their heritage.

c) To develop wherever possible and oral history of past events and to record such oral accounts.

d) To promote and support the teaching of local history in schools within the area.

e) To liase and co-operate with other historical societies in the immediate surrounding community.

f) To assist our members in carrying out individual historical or genealogical projects and/or research; and

g) To establish a heritage center for preservation and display of local history

We work to achieve these goals in numerous ways. Certainly inviting speakers to our regular meetings in one. But we also promote local community events that highlight our towns past activities. Our work in support of the Founders Week activities has become a major annual project.

Field trips are also carried out. Ongoing searching for and preservation of artifacts from our communities past is a never ending task. In addition the proper classification of and caring for donated materials is one of our important contributions to meeting our stated goals.

We actively seek the chance to work with other community, regional, provincial or federal groups and agencies to maximize our impact and allow the synergy of team effort to enhance our efforts.

We invite all community members to participate and contribute to a more complete understanding and knowledge of the path that lead us to where we are today. You can help by joining, participating in events or by contributing suggestions, time, information, effort or material to help us.